Welcome to HBI Scales  Canada. We’re so glad that you decided to shop with us. Please make yourself at home, enjoy your stay and remember to follow our house rules.

Legal Stuff

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Depends on the weight and destination. The more it weighs, combined with the distance travelled will determine the shipping costs. We always cross reference 3 different shipping companies to find you the best rates.
Credit card, wire transfer, cash, money order or if you have terms that were provided on the account, you may use account terms.
Depends on where they are located; Alberta AB=1-2 days, Saskatchewan SK=2-3 days, Manitoba MB=3=4 days, Ontario ON=4-5 days, and any further east is 5-7 days. This may be delayed if they are outside of a terminal city.
Very! No personal information is stored here.
We process the order and then we call or email to confirm the order. Once the order has been confirmed, it will be sent to our warehouse for processing and shipping.
Yes. It will be your choice, emailed or mailed to you after the order has shipped.
Give us a call @ 1-866-420-4372 or email sales@hbicanada.com or admin@hbicanada.com for an Information sheet and find out what we will need for opening a wholesale account. 
First time orders must be a minimum purchase of $250 then it goes down to $100 after that.
Give us a call @ 1-866-420-4372 or email sales@hbicanada.com or admin@hbicanada.com and we will be glad to email out a catalogue, if you have a wholesale account with us.
You have 6 months to return damaged or unused products. Please contact your rep to find out if they products you are looking to return are authorized and to obtain an RMA number for your return.
You can request tracking information from your rep. If you have requested this information, we will email it over as soon as it’s available.
Please contact your rep to find out about any possible case discounts.

Policy Guidelines

HBI Scales Canada has the lowest prices on precision gram scales in Canada. We do offer price match – Just ask. We only sell and ship within Canada. We are an authorized “Gold Seal”. We offer only My Weigh, Jennings/Jscale, and Proscale brand scales because they have a Warranty Service Centre in Canada, and they offer the best value in the industry.

Just in the last year or so, we have also, by consumer demand, started carrying a very affordable low-cost line of scales from ProScale, who offers fair quality scales at extremely good prices.

All orders are shipped from the manufacturer direct to you. You may rest assured knowing your scale will be in stock, and that it will be shipped to you from a large company. We are located in Calgary, but scales are drop-shipped from the manufacturer in Vancouver, BC. This saves time and money on your purchase. Please select the type of scale you are looking for from the menu at the top of the screen. We stock Pocket scales, Mid-Sized scales, Shipping scales, Baby scales, Pen scales, Triple Beams, Body Fat scales, and more.

*We accept Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal.*

Allow 48 hours for us to process your order and please allow 3 – 10 business for delivery.

All our prices are in $CAD.

General Returns Policy

  2. ALL PRODUCTS MUST BE RETURNED WITHIN 6 MONTHS OF THE DATE OF INVOICE. (These two rules are given to us by the various manufacturers and they do strictly enforce them – sorry).
  4. QUANTITY DISCOUNTS MAY BE LOST. In order to avoid people buying a large quantity to get a low price and then sending back half of the order because they really only really wanted half, we reserve the right to cancel any quantity discounts and re-bill based on the actual volume kept (we got burned a couple times by this game).
  5. ALL CLOSEOUT ITEMS ARE SOLD AS FINAL SALES. We cannot accept returns of any closeout item, they’re closed out – that’s why we sell them so cheap.
  6. ALL RETURNS MUST BE PRE-AUTHORIZED. Please speak with your salesperson to get return authorization before sending back any goods. Non-authorized returns may be rejected by our returns manager at his discretion.